SEO Begins By Earning Google Trust

by Jeremy Francis on July 11, 2014

By: Keith Bennett

Earning Google Trust

Earning Google Trust Means Google needs to Know Everything About You…

der-spiegelI see you rolling your eyes. Like Google doesn’t ALREADY know everything about you. Snowden and the NSA revelations of late verified all we suspected, but I am hopeful that a SPECIFIC SEARCH would be necessary to mine all the specific data about a person or entity —right? It is probably as easy as entering a person’s name in a software dashboard – horrific to be the boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband of a person who works there and has that access. Let’s hope Google isn’t compiling dossiers. Leave that ugly work to Der Government.

Privacy IS dead – that’s another discussion. This discussion is all about you jumping through some Google “hoops” so Google will make you a shitload of money and grow your law practice.

Come on ladies… Google already knows your bra size and your most secret lusts and desires. And you guys… If you guys are like me, Google knows which Cigar Shops you visit including the actual route you drive to get there; they might also know you order far too many bottles of Cabernet for a busy professional. Let’s just hope they don’t share such compromising data with our new healthcare Czars. All the scary stuff aside, Google needs to “officially” know all about you with your pro-active, check-marked, contractual permission. Do you regularly read over large multi-national’s Privacy Policies and Terms of Service? I do. Reading Google’s online-contracts —ones we all mouse-click-agree with careless abandon— is like taking a 3-unit course in Internet Law or attending a continuing education seminar without all the fun, food, people and TSA pat downs.

Google needs to Know Everything About You...

As Google’s Algorithm Begins to TRUST You & Your Website, They’ll Increasingly Share You

graphEarning Google Trust Ranking – means jumping through various Google hoops that work together to verify you are who your website and social media persona claim you are. You need to meet various Google Signals that will attempt to verify that your name, profession, physical address, email, phone and website ALL belong to you. As time progresses, additional signals from your online friends, associates, co-workers, and clients “circling” you with their Google+ accounts and visiting your website and social media accounts will all work together to increase Google Trust Rank.

Google Products you will probably need to activate:

  • Google Master Account
  • Google Dashboard
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Plus
  • Google Profile
  • Google Maps
  • Google YouTube Channel

Time for a Lawyer Joke?

Things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down by court reporters:
ATTORNEY: How old is your son, the one living with you?
WITNESS: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can’t remember which.
ATTORNEY: How long has he lived with you?
WITNESS: Forty-five years. **

As a Legitimate Website Publisher & Author you need Google Products to Leverage the Web

You will need to combine several of these Google products that will work together for you as a website owner/publisher to establish a relationship of trust with Google. Fortunately, one account is all you need! A single username and password gets you into everything Google.

Step One – Master Google Account

Create your Google Account – CLICK HERE

Already Have a Google Account?

If you already have Google’s Gmail – Google Calendar, Google Docs, or Google Drive for your law practice, you can simply log into your Gmail account and start to activate the other Google products you will need.

You can do this now, our when you need to activate the specific products as you require them.

We will need to use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics with your existing or new legal website. Webmaster Tools helps us prove to Google that you own your website earning some needed trust points, and Google Analytics will help inspire you as you increase the number of visitors that come to visit your website thanks to your marketing efforts.

If You Don’t Have a Google+ Account, Consider Setting One Up Next

Visit my section on Leveraging Social Media, and let’s get you going on the ONLY Social Media Account that can make you and your website a success.

 Create Your Google Account

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** from a book called Disorder in the Courts Disorder In The Court!

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