Attorney Profile Pictures Ideas

July 30, 2014

One little-recognized aspect of web marketing are the Profile Pictures of the lawyers to be sprinkled throughout the law practice website. Creating images that inspire confidence, bolster your professionalism, or simply “connect” with prospective clients can make a dramatic difference in converting website visitors to clients.

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A Website is NO LONGER Enough for a Powerful Web Presence

July 15, 2014

A Lawyer’s website –by itself– is NO LONGER enough to create the powerful web presence you must have to promote your legal expertise and brand to potential clients so that your telephone will ring from organic search.

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Why Every Lawyer Needs a Website

July 13, 2014

You need a website so that potential clients can learn about you, get in touch with you, and find you. Potential clients who might consider hiring you for the “big bucks” you charge will want to learn more about you before they pick up a phone to actually call you. Bottom Line? – Get a FRIGGIN’ Website #!@

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SEO Begins By Earning Google Trust

July 11, 2014

Earning Google Trust means jumping through hoops that verify you are who your website and social media persona claim you are by verifying name, profession, address, email, phone and website belong to you. Over time your friends, associates, and clients “circling” you with their Google+ accounts work together to increase Google Trust Rank.

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What is SEO and Why Should I Care ?

July 9, 2014

SEO is not a what, but is, in fact a series of simple steps that you as the owner of a law practice must embrace if you want to tap into the only marketing venue that really matters. You can actually leverage the Internet to your advantage where lawyers and clients find each others. Success will benefit your law practice from now until you retire.

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SEO for Local Business

July 7, 2014

Ever have one of those days when a moment of clarity hits you like a two by four? I just paid $800 to a Local Business that could BREAK OUT of obscurity in a 90 days. I had offered to ‘BARTER” him a complete web marketing effort that could have doubled his monthly income this time next year. Slam Dunk. If ONLY…

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How a Lawyer Can Get New Clients with their Lifestyle

July 5, 2014

This article runs contrary to this site’s focus of leveraging the Internet. That said, lawyers can get New Clients with some easy and fun lifestyle choices that will grow your practice, make a bunch of new friends, and leverage you into the lives of 9,000 people with very little effort.

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Growing a Law Practice in a Sluggish Economy

July 3, 2014

Growing your Law Practice in sluggish economic times is a challenge. Competing lawyers farming a decimated potential client-base drove down certain law sections like Divorce, DUI, Bankruptcy to impossibly low “Price Points” to where legal services are being marketed like discounted Flat Screen TVs.

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Welcome to SEO for Lawyers

July 1, 2014

SEO For Lawyers is a resource to help attorneys become more successful and profitable by fully understanding what Search Engine Optimization is and how to make it a part of their law practice’s daily routine. Any lawyer can leverage the WEB to lift their law practice above the white noise of the Internet to out-rank their less knowledgeable competitors resulting in new clients and cases.

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